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[Vision2020] Status Hearing Steven Sitler

Moscow Vision 2020

This morning I sat in a nearly empty courtroom and listened to arguments regarding the June 11th marriage of Steven Sitler and Katie Travis. The Department of Corrections unambiguously stated that they did not support this marriage. . . .

[Vision2020] Sitler Travis Wedding

Moscow Vision 2020

About a month ago I published an email on V2020 addressed to Doug Wilson and his elders regarding the forthcoming marriage of Steven Sitler and Katie Travis. I specifically named the elders so that in their daily out and about in Moscow you would know who they are and what they represent. Now, I will answer some of the questions that I (rhetorically) asked them. (They didn’t bother to answer me.) A degree of culpability for supporting this sacrilegious “marriage” covers all of them, but some actors are more deeply involved than others. . . .

New West: “More on the Steven James Sitler Child Molestation Case”

New West

Unnoticed and unremarked, Steven Sitler walked among us for 18 months. When Doug Wilson learned of Sitler’s crimes in April of 2005, he did not warn us; he did not inform us; and, to date, he has not seen fit to apologize for failing to alert the members of his church or the larger Moscow community to the presence of this predator in our midst.

[Vision2020] The Sociopath Next Door

Moscow Vision 2020

Last night on the Auntie E and Brother Carl radio show, Auntie read some excerpts from the recently published The Sociopath Next Door by Martha Stout, Ph.D., Harvard Medical School, Broadway Books, (a division of Random House) 2005. Dr. Stout maintains that one out of 25 “ordinary Americans” is without a conscience, i.e. sociopathic. Auntie read some of the identifying characteristics of this personality type on air. I wanted to share a few more with v2020 readers. . . .