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Blog & Mablog: “An Open Letter from Christ Church on Steven Sitler”

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In light of the recent court proceedings involving Steven Sitler, and the resultant coverage of those proceedings in the media, we believe that it is necessary for the session of Christ Church to make a public statement of where we have stood in this matter, and where we stand now. . . .

Blog & Mablog: “Brazenly Lied About”

Gog & Magog

The Southern Poverty Law Center, the world’s richest civil rights organization, puts out an unfortunately named publication called the Intelligence Report. . . .

Blog & Mablog: “Age of Consent”

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I have received a couple of response to the question I posed to Joan Opyr about the age of consent. One question was from someone wondering if I have any trouble with our current age of consent laws. And the answer to that one is simple . . . no, I don’t. . . .