After Steven Sitler and Katie Travis engaged to marry, they uploaded a website called June11Eleven.com, in recognition of their wedding date. Sitler and Katie used the site to tell the story of how they met via Christ Church elder Ed Iverson and how they engaged to marry each other after only two dates. This archive is a cut-and-paste job of the principal entries from that website.

June11Eleven.com: “The Courtship”

Naïve child gripped by Sitler

Aw, yes, the story of how the Travis’s got to Moscow. Well, to start with, the brakes on all four of the travel trailer wheels had to be completely rewired. That took the first day out of the weekend. They didn’t even leave Fallon until they were supposed to be in Moscow, which is about 12 hours away. So, I was told that they would leave anyway and find a hotel along the way. I woke up the next morning and called them to see where they had stayed and. . . .

June11Eleven.com: “The Courtship” — Katie’s Rendition

Naïve child clings to Sitler

The time came for us to pick Jenni up for fall break, and, heh, I got to visit Steven for the second time. Things had changed very much from the first time we had met. I was fairly sure that I was ready to see if he really was the one. He hadn’t said anything for certain, however, so I was still fairly nervous and didn’t want to say anything if he was thinking differently. Back to fall break. I don’t remember why, but from the two thirds point on (the drive to Idaho is a good 12 hours). . . .

June11Eleven.com: “The Engagement” — Katie’s Rendition

Sitler preying on naïve child

At Christmas time, Steven flew down to Nevada so that he could meet my parents and hang out at our house. He was a bit sick, but as he walked out of the gate of the plane I couldn’t help running over and pretty much jumping into his arms (one good thing about long distance relationships is that you really appreciate. . . .