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[Vision2020] Status Hearing Steven Sitler

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This morning I sat in a nearly empty courtroom and listened to arguments regarding the June 11th marriage of Steven Sitler and Katie Travis. The Department of Corrections unambiguously stated that they did not support this marriage. . . .

[Vision2020] shamelessness

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I will answer as many of these questions as I can with the information I have in the case file. Court records and prosecutorial records must be gathered from those entities. This will be my last posting about this case; I simply do not have time to do the job of an investigative reporter, court clerk, and secretary in addition to my duties at the Sheriff’s Office. . . .

Steven Sitler: Order Suspending Execution of Sentence

This post holds 9 primary documents.

On the 4th day of May, 2006, the defendant STEVEN JAMES SITLER, defendant’s counsel, Dean Wullenwaber, and the State’s Attorney, William W. Thompson, Jr., appeared before this Court for review of retained jurisdiction. . . .