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[Vision2020] Sitler Travis Wedding

Moscow Vision 2020

About a month ago I published an email on V2020 addressed to Doug Wilson and his elders regarding the forthcoming marriage of Steven Sitler and Katie Travis. I specifically named the elders so that in their daily out and about in Moscow you would know who they are and what they represent. Now, I will answer some of the questions that I (rhetorically) asked them. (They didn’t bother to answer me.) A degree of culpability for supporting this sacrilegious “marriage” covers all of them, but some actors are more deeply involved than others. . . .

Steven Sitler: “Urge Control Contract”

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I, Steven Sitler, recognize that I will sometimes have urges or fantasies to reoffend. I know that I am a valuable Creature of God who cares about others, so I am making this contract as an insurance policy against reoffending. I here by promise that when I have an urge, fantasies of opportunity to commit a sexual offence or any act close to an offence I will do the following. . . .

Blog & Mablog: “The B.T.K. Killer and the Objectivity of the Covenant”

Gog & Magog

The recent arrest of Dennis Rader for the infamous B.T.K. killings presents an interesting dilemma for those who want to maintain, as I do, the objectivity of the covenant. For the sake of this discussion, I want to assume that the reports are true that Rader has confessed to a number of the killings, and that Rader is in fact guilty. If that were not the case, then our discussion should revolve around rules of evidence, and what constitutes proof. . . .