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Moscow–Pullman Daily News: Advocate: Sex offender’s early release may be indicative of larger problem

Moscow-Pullman Daily News

Convicted sex offender Steven Sitler was released on probation after a hearing last week, serving less than two years of a life sentence. . . .

New West: “More on the Steven James Sitler Child Molestation Case”

New West

Unnoticed and unremarked, Steven Sitler walked among us for 18 months. When Doug Wilson learned of Sitler’s crimes in April of 2005, he did not warn us; he did not inform us; and, to date, he has not seen fit to apologize for failing to alert the members of his church or the larger Moscow community to the presence of this predator in our midst.

Steven Sitler: Defense Clarifications

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The defense does not agree with portions of the Sex-Offender Assessment Group Summary (“SOAG”) dated February 13, 2006, and signed by Brad Lutz, and portions of the Addendum to the Presentence Investigation (“APSI”) dated February 15, 2006, and signed by Naomi L. Laurino (hereinafter: “the NICI document”). . . .

Steven Sitler: Judgment of Conviction and Order Retaining Jurisdiction

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IT IS ORDERED ADJUDGED AND DECREED, that STEVEN JAMES SITLER stands CONVICTED OF RECORD of the crime of LEWD CONDUCT WITH A MINOR UNDER SIXTEEN YEARS OF AGE, in violation of Idaho Code Section Idaho Code 18-1508, and that defendant be committed to the custody of the Idaho State Board of Correction for a period of LIFE. . . .