Witness Statements

Douglas Wilson to Judge Stegner: “I have been asked to provide a letter on behalf of Steven Sitler, which I am happy to do.”

“The assignments I have given him have included the reading of books on everything from the obvious issues of sex and sexuality, to the underlying issues of his discontent.”

I am grateful that he will be sentenced for his behavior, and that there will be hard consequences for him in real time. At the same time, I would urge that the civil penalties applied would be measured and limited. I have a good hope that Steven has genuinely repented, and that he will continue to deal with this to become a productive and contributing member of society.

Steven Sitler: Written Statement by the Victim Father for Latah County Sheriff’s Office

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Written Statement regarding the discovery of wrongdoing and related confessions of Steven J. Sitler March 15, 2005 The Sitlers have been some of our best friends as a family, particularly during the past 10 years. They have lived in my . . .

Steven Sitler: Sheriff’s Report #1

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Synopsis: On 03/1.1/05, [Ground Zero Father] reported that Steven Sitler, a twenty year old white male, had been sexually assaulting his 6 year old daughter, [redacted] for the past year and a half. The incidents had taken place at [Ground Zero] residence, [Ground Zero], Moscow, Idaho. Sitler is no longer living at the residence. . . .