Victim’s Parents: “The Honorable Judge Stegner”

“At that time he forced her to kiss his erect penis.”

September 7, 2005

The Honorable Judge Stegner
P.O. Box 8068
Moscow, ID 83843

Dear Sir:

Steven Sitler is the son of our friends, Dave and Roxanne Sitler. It is with heavy hearts that we write this, and yet, we have a small fear of impending injustice based on the short history since Steven’s admission of guilt.

Steven has admitted to several incidents of sexual perversion. We personally only know of the full details of his molestation of our daughter, [redacted]. When she was only two years old, Steven offered to take her downstairs and watch her while the adults were talking upstairs. At that time he forced her to kiss his erect penis. It was painful enough to be told of the perversion that Steven committed against [redacted] yet now we have watched for the last six months as an admitted child molester has been living in the comforts of his parent’s home, whiling away the days that should be spent in jail. After talking with the prosecution there is a chance, however slight, that this could go on as parole time after Steven serves as little as six months being “evaluated.”

We are hoping and praying six months evaluation followed by parole at home will not be the case. However, neither do we desire to see Steven serve a life sentence. We do desire him to go to prison and pay for his crimes. We are writing this, in short, as a plea of grieved parents to ask that Steven’s crimes be paid for, regardless of whether he came forward with extra information after he was caught. In short, sir, we are not asking for vengeance but justice compatible with Steven’s crimes.

We are praying for you, the Sitler’s, and even Steven in this matter and ask that God would be gracious in His providence and give you all the wisdom that your position demands.