Steven Sitler: Sheriff’s Report #1

Latah County Sheriff’s Office
Cpl. Tim L. Besst #332
Case 2005-01065, report #1

Synopsis: On 03/1.1/05, [Ground Zero Father] reported that Steven Sitler, a twenty year old white male, had been sexually assaulting his 6 year old daughter, [redacted] for the past year and a half. The incidents had taken place at [Ground Zero] residence, [Ground Zero], Moscow, Idaho. Sitler is no longer living at the residence.

Narrative: On 03/11/05, I spoke to [Ground Zero Father] by telephone regarding a lewd conduct that had been reported to the Sheriff’s Office by a Latah County Public Defender, Greg Dickinson. Dickinson is a friend of [Ground Zero Father]. I explained to [Ground Zero Father] that I was going to take an initial report over the phone and another detective would be contacting him on 03/15/05 to obtain a more detailed report. I asked [Ground Zero Father] if his daughter had any further contact with the person who assaulted her. [Ground Zero Father] told me the person had recently moved back to Colville, Washington. I asked the name of the person who assaulted his daughter. [Ground Zero Father] told me Steven Sitler. I asked how old Sitler was. [Ground Zero Father] told me 20 years old. I asked [Ground Zero Father] his daughter’s name. [Ground Zero Father] told me [redacted]. I asked [Ground Zero Father] how old [6-year-old victim] was and her birthday. [Ground Zero Father] told me she was 6 years old and said her birthday was [redacted]. I asked [Ground Zero Father] where the incident had occurred. [Ground Zero Father] told me Sitler had been abusing [6-year-old victim] over the past year and a half at their home, [Ground Zero] Moscow, Idaho. [Ground Zero Father] told me Sitler had been attended the University of Idaho during this time and was living with [Ground Zero family].

I asked [Ground Zero Father] how he found out that Sitler had abused his daughter. [Ground Zero Father] told me on 03/09/05. His oldest daughter, [redacted] who is 10 years old, had friends spend the night at their house. During this time, Sitler had been in the same room as [10-year-old daughter] and her friends. [redacted] had also been in the room. [Ground Zero father] thought this was strange, but he did not anything of it at the time. [Ground Zero father] told me the following day, 03/10/05, one of the [Kirk family #2] friends, [redacted] told [redacted] that [redacted] had told her that Sitler had touched her “private parts.” [Ground Zero father] did not indicate if Sitler had touched [redacted] on 03/09/05 or if it was prior to that. [Ground Zero father] told me that at about 1600 hours on 3/10/05, he confronted Sitler about touching [daughter’s] “private parts.” [Ground Zero father] told me that Sitler admitted to him that he had touched [6-year-old victim’s] “private parts” more than once throughout the past year and a half. Sitler did not give specific dates and times or how often it had occurred and had not asked for any details. [Ground Zero father] told me Sitler left the residence shortly after this conversation.

I asked [Ground Zero father] why Sitler had been at his residence. [Ground Zero father] told me that Sitler had been attending the University of Idaho and was living with his family. [Ground Zero father] told me Sitler’s family lives in Colville, Washington and they are close friends of theirs. I told [Ground Zero father] that another detective would be making arrangements to interview [6-year-old victim]. [Ground Zero father] told me [Ground Zero family] would be out of the area for Spring Break and would not be available until after 03/20/05. I asked [Ground Zero father] if he would be available after this as well. [Ground Zero father] told me he would be available on 03/15/05. I told [Ground Zero father] a detective would be contacting him on 03/15/05 to make arrangements for him to come into the Sheriff’s Office. I ask [Ground Zero father] to complete a detailed statement of what happened and bring it to the Sheriff’s Office with him. After speaking to [Ground Zero father] I left a message with Jackie Strain and Kevin Pickron from Child and Family Protective Services, a division of Health and Welfare to report what happened.

I have nothing further to report at this time.

Actual time spent: 1 hour

Cpl. Tim L. Besst #332