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Steven Sitler: Notice of Supplemental Probation Violation

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COMES NOW the State of Idaho, by and through the Latah County Prosecuting Attorney, and hereby gives notice to the court and counsel of supplemental allegations that the defendant is in violation of the following conditions of his probation. . . .

Moscow–Pullman Daily News: Prosecutor: Sitler arrested on allegations of voyeurism

Moscow-Pullman Daily News

Latah County Prosecuting Attorney Bill Thompson said convicted sex offender Steven Sitler was arrested Monday on an allegation he was engaging in voyeurism. Thompson said this was a violation of Sitler’s probation. . . .

Steven Sitler: Motion for Bench Warrant

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The undersigned, upon oath, represents as follows:
1. That on the 4th day of May, 2006, the Defendant was placed on probation by this Court for a period of life, for the commission of the crime of LEWD CONDUCT WITH A MINOR UNDER SIXTEEN YEARS OF AGE, Idaho Code 18-1508, a Felony. . . .

Steven Sitler: Report of Probation Violation

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CONDITION #4, of the Idaho Department of Correction Sexual Offender Agreement of Supervision, which states: I will not engage in any deviant behaviors including but not limited to: sado/masochism, bestiality, phone sex, cross dressing, clothing fetish, voyeurism, exhibitionism, public masturbation, or frottage. . . .

New West: “Two Child Molestation Scandals Break Over Moscow’s Christ Church”

New West

For 18 months, a serial child molester named Steven James Sitler called Moscow home. He boarded with a Christ Church family. He attended Doug Wilson’s New St. Andrews College. How did the community and members of Christ Church learn of Steven Sitler’s crimes? On a local blog and, later, on an Internet community chat group. What’s wrong with this picture? Everything. . . .

Idaho Department of Correction, RE: Steven Sitler

On September 26, 2005, Mr. Sitler was sentenced to a retained jurisdiction for the crime of Lewd Conduct with a Minor.

We understand that the court wishes to retain jurisdiction for another one hundred and eighty (180) days. However, in order to deal with the apparent jurisdictional issue, it appears that the court should either amend its order to include a finding that extenuating circumstance did exist for a thirty (30) day extension. . . .

Steven Sitler: Defense Review Hearing Memo

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The January 10, 2006, Psycho-Sexual Evaluation for the Idaho Department of Correction . . . all recommend immediate and intensive community-based sex offender treatment for this 21-year-old. . . .