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Blog & Mablog: “Playing Chess on a Backgammon Board”

Gog & Magog

I want to spend a few minutes discussing one of the larger lessons to be taken from the Sitler child molestation case. This is not being done to drag this thing out, or tangle it up further, but rather just the reverse. . . .

Steven Sitler: “Minister’s Report” to the Parish Heads of Households Meeting

The Case for Classical Education

The last item concerns a young man that many of you know — Steven Sitler. He was in our community last year, although not as a member of our church. He was recently sentenced (justly) to jail for sexual molestation of young children, including some in our congregation. One of the victim families involved was that of. . . .

Blog & Mablog: “The B.T.K. Killer and the Objectivity of the Covenant”

Gog & Magog

The recent arrest of Dennis Rader for the infamous B.T.K. killings presents an interesting dilemma for those who want to maintain, as I do, the objectivity of the covenant. For the sake of this discussion, I want to assume that the reports are true that Rader has confessed to a number of the killings, and that Rader is in fact guilty. If that were not the case, then our discussion should revolve around rules of evidence, and what constitutes proof. . . .