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August 19, 2015

The Honorable John R. Stegner
District Judge
Latah County Courthouse
Moscow, ID 83843

RE: State of Idaho v. Steven J. Sitler, Latah County CR-2005-02027

Dear Judge Stegner:

In anticipation of the up-coming September 1 hearing, Crystal Ren and David Nystrom from Valley Treatment Specialties have been subpoenaed to appear. We received a phone call yesterday from Ms. Ren indicating that they have scheduled group treatment sessions that afternoon in Lewiston that would be very difficult to reschedule. She said that they would be submitting something in writing after they have the opportunity to review all of the new polygraph reports (including the additional polygraph contemplated to be done on August 20), and inquired as to whether it would be acceptable for them to be available for telephone if any further participation or input from them was needed. I indicated to her that I would inquire of the Court and counsel; hence, this letter.

I appreciate that at this point we do not know what their opinions might be in light of the new polygraph information, so it may not be possible to make a final determination. However, to the extent that Your Honor and counsel would be willing to agree to their participation by phone in the event it becomes necessary, I am sure they would be very appreciative. Please let me know as soon as possible so I can pass that along to them.


William W. Thompson, Jr.
Prosecuting Attorney


cc: Dean Wullenwaber

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