Steven Sitler: Status Conference to Permit Marriage

Judge Stegner, @49:46–52:48:

Well, I think Mr. Wullenwaber has accurately stated the current restrictions on Mr. Sitler. So if nothing were to change and his bride — assuming he gets married — conceives and has a baby, if they end up in the same house and she falls asleep, he would be obliged to leave. I’m going to let this wedding proceed. One of the reasons is that there’s a lot of water under the bridge. That wedding is ten days from today and the invitations have gone out and plans have been made based on reliance that I think was reasonable. But I think more importantly is that an age-appropriate relationship with a member of the opposite sex for Mr. Sitler is one of the best things that can happen to him and to society. I’m no expert on these testing devices; but I am familiar enough with them to know that a two-year relationship with a member of the opposite sex who is age appropriate reduces his likelihood to recidivate, at least on a statistical basis. So here we have a young man who has committed heinous crimes and wants to engage in what I think everyone in the room would consider to be a prosocial relationship. So I’m going to let the wedding proceed. If and when Mr. Sitler and Miss Travis have children we will cross that bridge when we get to it — or, if we need to address it sooner than that, I am happy to address it sooner than that. But I . . . I think it’s a reasonable restriction that he not reside with his wife and child, in the future, if in fact they have children. Would you like to submit an order to that effect, Mr. Wullenwaber? I have specifically authorized Mr. Sitler’s wedding to proceed.