Idaho Department of Correction: Re: Steven Sitler

Idaho Department of Correction Re: Sitler



“Protecting Idaho through Safety, Accountability, Partnerships,
and Opportunities for Offender Change”


May 27, 2011

William Thompson
Latah County Prosecuting Attorney
522 S Adams St.
Moscow, ID 83843

Re: Steven Sitler

Dear Bill,

After careful review of Mr. Sitler’s history; the recent Abel Assessment; the opinions of Steve Lindsley and Dr. Richard Craig; it has been decided that the Idaho Department of Correction, does not support Mr. Sitler’s upcoming marriage.

In coming to a decision in this situation, Mr. Sitler’s original evaluations have been reviewed as well as the recent Abel Assessment. Mr. Sitler’s religious beliefs and his statement of intention to begin having children within a year have also been taken into consideration. If Mr. Sitler was to get married and have children as he has stated are his intentions, the Idaho Department of Correction will face the future decision to have to separate Mr. Sitler’s family, as we cannot allow him to be unsupervised with children.

All of the facts in this case have been reviewed as well as the factors that the IDOC could be faced with in the near future and feel that this is the best course of action at this time. If you have any further questions feel free to contact me.


Warren Lanphier
Sr. Probation and Parole Officer
Idaho Department of Correction
Bureau of Probation and Parole