No ogres or bogeymen at church — Nancy Wilson

Moscow-Pullman Daily News | April 29, 2006

No ogres or bogeymen at church

No ogres or bogeymen at church

It’s weird but true that I am not really surprised anymore to see my husband or my church blasted in the letters on this page.

Lots of people in Moscow know us or know people in our congregation, and so they can dismiss the letters as more of the same old onslaught. And I tell you the truth, when your adversaries are willing to flat out lie, well, there’s really no limit to what they can say (and they do use this “advantage”).

But for those in town who just read the paper and take it all in, I’d like to repeat what my father told me many times growing up: Don’t believe everything you read. Just because it’s in print don’t make it so.

When I look around Christ Church on a Sunday morning, I wonder where all the so-called racists and hateful people are. Our church is full of some real sweet folks, just like other churches on the Palouse. Amazing as it might sound to some, my husband, much like many of the other husbands in our church, is kind, generous, forgiving, humble, and very jolly.

At the end of the service each week he gets tackled by our herd of little grandchildren. They don’t think he is scary at all. So all you skeptical readers in Daily News land, please come see us for yourselves. We would welcome you to join us for worship.

Nancy Wilson