April 2006 Monthly Archive

Idaho Department of Correction, RE: Steven Sitler

On September 26, 2005, Mr. Sitler was sentenced to a retained jurisdiction for the crime of Lewd Conduct with a Minor.

We understand that the court wishes to retain jurisdiction for another one hundred and eighty (180) days. However, in order to deal with the apparent jurisdictional issue, it appears that the court should either amend its order to include a finding that extenuating circumstance did exist for a thirty (30) day extension. . . .

Steven Sitler: Defense Review Hearing Memo

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The January 10, 2006, Psycho-Sexual Evaluation for the Idaho Department of Correction . . . all recommend immediate and intensive community-based sex offender treatment for this 21-year-old. . . .

Steven Sitler: Defense Clarifications

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The defense does not agree with portions of the Sex-Offender Assessment Group Summary (“SOAG”) dated February 13, 2006, and signed by Brad Lutz, and portions of the Addendum to the Presentence Investigation (“APSI”) dated February 15, 2006, and signed by Naomi L. Laurino (hereinafter: “the NICI document”). . . .