Steven Sitler: Proposed “Safety Plan”

April 25, 2016

Judge John Stegner
Second Judicial District Court Judge
Latah County Courthouse

RE: Steven Sitler


Dear Judge Stegner:

The following is a suggested “safety plan” as requested by the Idaho Department Of Correction in regards to Steven Stiller’s [sic] request to move back home with his family. This plan was developed by Valley Treatment Specialties LLC, with Mr. and Mrs. Sitler involved.

Prior to this plan being developed, Mr. and Mrs. Sitler attended counseling sessions with V.T.S., and Mrs. Sitler has attended individual sessions with V.T.S. as requested by the IDOC. The IDOC has requested these sessions as a means to further develop Mrs. Sitlers [sic] Chaperone Skill as well as to work on family reunification and to develop a safety plan with Steven in the home. At this time V.T.S. believes Mrs. Sitler demonstrates an increase in knowledge and skill and is appropriate to be a chaperone for Steven and their son.

Steven and Katie Sitler have met with V.T.S. for the reunification process, and have completed this work to a satisfactory level.

It is recommended that this safety plan will be assessed in 6 months at time of implementation, or beforehand if deemed appropriate. Determination of any changes or modifications will take place at that time based on recommendations of both treatment providers, and probation and parole. After the initial assessment, it is recommended that periodic re-assessment take place as deemed appropriate by treatment providers and probation and parole.

The following safety plan was develop [sic] by VTS with both Steven and Katie. The Sitler’s agree that the following stipulations are appropriate and realistic for them to follow through with.

  1. Steven will be line of sight of a chaperone when he is with his son.
  2. Steven will not be alone with his son. This means he will only be with his son when an approved chaperone is also present.
  3. Steven will not bath, or diaper his son, nor will he attend to his son when his son is not clothed. Clothed for his son means he has the minimum of a diaper on.
  4. Steven will wear a shirt, and shorts, or pants when holding or caring for his son.
  5. Steven and Katie will not have the baby in bed with them, nor will they use the bed to play on with their son. This stipulation is for Steven not Katie.
  6. When Katie is using the restroom for any reason Steven will be in Katie’s line of sight or their son will be in Katie’s line of sight when another chaperone is not present.
  7. Steven may use the restroom at night without Katie following him when their son is sleeping. This is the plan for their current home as the master bedroom looks directly into the bathroom. There is currently no door to the bathroom. If a door is hung it will remain open during nighttime when the family is sleeping.
  8. If there is some type of unforeseen circumstance or emergency that would require one or any of these stipulations to not be followed, Steven and/ or Katie will call VTS and the probation officer as soon as possible after the occurrence.
  9. Mr. Sitler will call V.T.S. for support if he has any high-risk thoughts, experiences a high-risk situation, or feels he needs therapeutic support.
  10. Mrs. Sitler will report high risk behaviors, or behaviors of concern regarding Steven to V.T.S.
  11. Steven may be polygraphed on reasonable concerns in regards to possible violations of this plan.
  12. As outlined in the chaperone agreement, Katie may be asked to participate in a polygraph if reasonable concern is present regarding possible violations of this plan or the chaperone agreement.

Submitted by:

David Nystrom, LMSW, SCSOTP, CSOTP
Treatment Provider

Treatment Provider

Cc: Chris Jenson, Sr. Probation/ Parole officer