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Exhibit B: Excerpted Court Transcript

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BE IT REMEMBERED that the above-entitled matter came on for hearing before the Honorable John R. Stegner, District Judge, on September 1, 2015, at the hour of at 2:00 p.m., in the District courtroom of the Latah County Courthouse, City of Moscow, County of Latah, state of Idaho, the following proceedings were had as follows. . . .

State’s Initial Response to Defendant’s Motions RE: Chaperones and Implementing Safety Plan

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COMES NOW the State of Idaho, by and through the Latah County Prosecuting Attorney, and respectfully submits this initial response to the Defendant’s “Motions RE: Chaperones and Implementing Safety Plan” filed herein on the afternoon of August 3, 2016. . . .

Steven Sitler: Proposed “Safety Plan”

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Dear Judge Stegner:

The following is a suggested “safety plan” as requested by the Idaho Department Of Correction in regards to Steven Stiller’s [sic] request to move back home with his family. This plan was developed by Valley Treatment Specialties LLC, with Mr. and Mrs. Sitler involved. . . .