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Steven Sitler Hearing: Review of Terms of Probation

At 27:08: “I can sympathize and appreciate the situation that Mr. Sitler’s parents find themselves in; that his wife finds herself in; that their family and friends and supporters find themselves in; because everybody would love for Mr. Sitler to become a normal person. The fact of the matter is, Your Honor, he is not. He is a serial child sexual abuser, to the point where Your Honor has imposed a life sentence and required that he be under supervision for the rest of his natural life. He has multiple victims, all of them young — some so young that they would not be in any position to protect themselves. The risk to society is substantial here. The risk to his own child, despite the best wishes and hopes of everybody in this courtroom, is substantial. The actions that he has engaged in that he has disclosed to this point are a compelling basis that he cannot have anything close to a normal parental relationship with this child — certainly at this point in time. . . .”

Court Minutes: Review of Probation Terms

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This being the time fixed pursuant to order of the Court for review of the defendant’s probation terms in this case, Court noted the presence of counsel; Blaine Holman, Probation Officer; and the defendant. . . .