Steven Sitler: Valley Treatment Specialties to Judge Stegner

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July 20, 2015

Re: State of Idaho v. Steven James Sitler Latah County Case No. Cr 2005-02027

Dear Judge Stegner:

We understand that a Status Conference is to be held this week as to Steven Sitler. This letter furnishes information relevant to the case.

As we believe you know, we are the owners of Valley Treatment Specialties (VTS). We have received specialized training and experience with sex offenders for many years. In particular, we have counseled with Mr. Steven Sitler for nearly ten years. Over that time Mr. Sitler has successfully completed extensive components of treatment at Valley Treatment Services.

We recognize that in July 2005 Steven entered a plea of guilty to lewd conduct with a minor under sixteen (16) years of age, Idaho Code §18-1508, and that in September 2005 the Court committed Steven to the custody of the Idaho State Board of Correction (IDOC) for a period of life together with other penalties.

We are familiar with Mr. Steve Lindsley’s 2006 psycho-sexual evaluation report regarding Mr. Sitler. We also have reviewed a June 2015 update evaluation by psychologist Paul M. Wert regarding Mr. Sitler that was requested by the Department of Probation and Parole. We have also read Blaine Holman’s transmittal report to you.

As you know, Mr. Sitler has been married for four years to an age-appropriate woman. Mr. and Mrs. Sitler now have a baby boy of about 4 months of age. We understand Steven was initially told by Probation and Parole that he could have a normalized relationship with his son. VTS itself did not require any additional treatment for Steven after the birth of his son. However, an Order was obtained for Steven to repeat Relapse Training starting in March 2015. VTS was not consulted about whether this repeat Training was necessary.

We know of no allegations of contact re-offenses since Steven’s guilty plea often years ago.

In our work over the decades we have worked with men who have sexually offended minors and then later either reconciled with their wives or gotten married and, in appropriate cases, had children in the home while they were on probation.

July 20, 2015
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Steven has steadily worked in the VTS Sex Offender program for almost ten years. Additionally, Mr. Sitler’s wife has completed chaperone training with Valley Treatment Specialties.

Dr. Wert’s report and Dr. Wilson’s affidavit are consistent with our impressions regarding Steven Sitler. In our opinion Mr. Sitler should at present continue to parent his son in his home as he has done for the last four months.

Dated this 20th day of July, 2015.