Steven Sitler’s Written Statement

On Saturday two days before memorial day [sic], I was going to bed about 11:00 pm. I decided to masterbate [sic] and after I started I thought it would be fun or exciting to see if I could voyeur on someone. I then looked out my bedroom window blinds and saw lights on I opened the blinds and remembered my binoculars I went and got my binoculars and used them to look into the window that had a light on. No one ever came into the window and I could not focus my binoculars. I used that as an excuse to keep looking. “Just till I get my binoculars to work. About five minutes later the lights went off and I realized how stupid I had just been and realized I had to tell treatment and possibly probation.

When I moved into my apt. I had noticed people in a window of a different house and subconsciously thought about coming back to look later. Then when I went to Colville to get my stuff. My Dad offered me binoculars I said no thank you I can’t remember if he continued asking me (and I gave in) or if I just ended up with them in a box when I came back to Moscow. I had said no because I knew it would be a temptation. I later used these binoculars for work looking at the roof line and justified having them by saying “maybe these will be useful.” I hadn’t been watching my red flags and doing my numbers was now so it wasn’t very helpful yet.

Steve Sitler   6-18-2007

witness: Jackie Squires Leonard