Steven Sitler: Valley Treatment Specialties Contract


I, Steven Sitler, hereby enter into an agreement with Valley Treatment Specialties to allow their staff to provide me with treatment services. I understand and agree to the following conditions regarding my treatment.

  1. I agree to be completely honest and assume full responsibility for my offenses and my behavior. I will openly and candidly discuss issues with the counselors.
  1. I agree to sign releases of information required to obtain information about my behavior.
  1. I will attend all treatment sessions and attend on time.
  1. I will notify the appropriate staff member as soon as possible about any situation that effects my attendance or promptness.
  1. I understand that the only acceptable excuse for absence is a verifiable medical emergency and that all excuses may verified by calling a third party.
  1. I will pay my assigned fee at the time of each session unless I have made other arrangements with the staff.
  1. I will not disclose any information regarding another client to anyone outside this program unless the information is required by an appropriate authority in an emergency situation where a staff member is not available.
  1. I will share with the group the nature of any contact I might have with another client while outside the treatment session.
  1. I will actively participate in group sessions to the satisfaction of staff and other group members. I understand that it is my responsibility to participate in discussions, to complete assignment and to actively make progress while involved with the program.
  1. I will not become verbally threatening or assaultive towards any staff member client whether inside or outside of the office.
  1. I will not attend any session while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  1. I will not commit any criminal offense.
  1. I will not have any child pornographic material in my possession at any time.
  1. I understand that I will be financially responsible for the costs incurred for treatment for my victim or victims.
  1. I understand that if I have any questions about this contract or about my involvement with the treatment program, I would specifically contact my counselor. I understand that my probation officer and my counselor will be communicating. I also understand that I should direct specific treatment questions to the counselor and specific questions about probation requirements to my probation officer or the Court.
  1. I understand fully and completely that participation in this program may require polygraph examinations and that I will be expected to be financially responsible for these examinations.

    I understand that new information that is obtained through a polygraph (suggesting a lack of an open and honest relationships with my counselors) will cause the following:

    1. A written warning will be submitted to me and a copy sent to my probation officer or the Courts.
    2. I will retake the polygraph within 30 days and pay for the second one as well.
    3. If I fail the second polygraph, a letter stating my unsatisfactory involvement in be treatment program will be submitted to me and a copy sent to my probation officer or the Court. This may be viewed as a violation of my treatment contract to satisfactorily complete treatment.
  1. I understand fully and completely that I am required to make continuous progress through the treatment program. I understand that I am expected to actively participate in the group process by initiating my own involvement in treatment. I understand I required to do more than attend groups and be financially required to take an active part in working toward repairing the damage done to my children and/or victims.
  1. I understand fully and completely that when I have reached a place in my treatment process I will be required to become involved in the Valley Treatment Specialties treatment program aftercare program of treatment by attending the Treatment Program Aftercare Group. I understand that my involvement with the Valley Treatment Specialties Treatment program will be a requirement throughout the course of my probation or ordered counseling period. I understand that I will be required to actively cooperate and participate in this organization throughout the remainder of my parole or probation period or ordered counseling period.
  1. I understand fully and completely that should I fail to make progress in the treatment program or should I fail to follow the guidelines set down for me in the treatment program, the following steps will be taken:
    1. A verbal reprimand will be administered to me in the group process regarding my failure to respond to treatment.
    2. A formal written reprimand will be submitted to me and a copy sent to my probation and parole officer or the Courts should I continue to fail in the treatment process. The written reprimand will also indicate a timeline which I will be given to amend the difficulty.
    3. If failure continues, a formal dismissal from the treatment program will then be submitted to the probation and parole officer or the Court outlining my failures and reasons for expulsion from the treatment program.
  2. I also agree to the following special conditions:

  1. _____________________________________
  1. _____________________________________
  1. _____________________________________

I understand that my probation/parole officer or the Court will be notified immediately of any violation of this contract. I also understand that local or state departments may be contacted if necessary to maintain victim or community safety. I also understand and agree that any violation of the conditions of this contract may be grounds for termination from the program at the discretion of the staff. I agree that the staff may terminate my treatment for any other problem behavior not outlined above.

Steven Sitler
(Signature of Client)

DATE 6-6-06