[Vision2020] UI and WSU statement on slavery (Questioning Authority)

UI and WSU statement on slavery (Questioning Authority)

Posted by Roxanne Sitler

The following is the impression I was left with after reading Southern Slavery As It Wasn’t: Professional Historians Respond to Neo-Confederate Misinformation.

Quinlan and Ramsey:

Ivory tower residents, “Do not cite, quote or summarize.”

Seers, mysteriously empowered to discern men’s motives, and passing off their verdict as scholarly critique. Smear tactics poorly veiled by sophisticated pens.

Part of a pack of kept gatekeepers who see themselves as solely suited to “interpret” history. All knowledgeable and wise, we’re told. Familiar notes of elitism sing across their pages.

“Diversity” and “Tolerance” they claim to live, but by this measure perish.

Southern Slavery As It Wasn’t, scholarly? Ask Gary Grant, or was it Cary Grant, or maybe even, George Grant.

The gatekeepers are threatened. Their anxious voices blare “with utter fear and loathing”.


Roxanne Sitler